The RMIF of South Africa is an umbrella organisation consisting of 13 national nominated members. Each of these are representative organisations in the Red Meat industry and conducts their affairs according to its constitution.

Our aim is to provide the function of levy administrator on behalf of the Red Meat Industry Forum

Red Meat Levy Admin (Pty) Ltd. is tasked with the specific aim to provide the function of levy administrator on behalf of the Red Meat Industry ForumRed Meat Levy Admin  (RMLA) was appointed by Meat Statutory Measure Service (MSMS) who is the custodian of the levy fund. RMLA was also appointed by SA Pork Producers Organisaion as administrator of the Pork Levy.

The Red Meat Industry Forum has applied to the government for the introduction of a Proportional Transaction statutory levy in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act , 1996(Act No. 47 of 1996) (the MAP act). Two ancillary statutory measures, the registration and the keeping and rendering of records and returns are also requested.

RMLA strives to provide a management information system which, through the collection, processing, evaluation and distribution of specific information, will address all the management decision needs of the members of the Red Meat Industry Forum in the most cost-effective manner possible

Members of the Red Meat Industry Forum, all have to attend to the needs of the various players in the meat industry they represent, it is envisage that the task to collect the information and payments as defined by the proportional transaction statutory levy should be outsourced to an independent administrator. The administrator will strictly handle the administration of the proposed red meat levy and in particular the collection of the funds due in terms of the information furnished by the levy payers. Red Meat Levy Admin (Pty) Ltd, in this respect is in the ideal position as its main members have 30 years experience in the meat industry and specifically on the administration side of the industry.


The Cleaver Awards was held recently in Johannesburg and the RMLA Administration  team were invited to the award ceremony. The Cleaver Awards was introduced in 2005, an initiative of the  South African Red Meat Industry Forum. 

The awards acknowledge butcheries, who meet consumer expectations. Butcheries are judged on factors like, in-store hygiene,  the supply of quality assured roller marked South African Beef,

 level of competency in offering the best advice  on meal preparations and perceived value for   money.

 Since these awards started, butchery standards have significantly improved and feedback from   consumers show that the majority perceive the Cleaver Awards to be a seal of approval.

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. . . C U R R E N T . . .

Cattle/Calves R12.38 / head
Sheep/Goats R2.41 / head
Pigs R13.41 / head

. . . L E V Y   R A T E S . . .

Live Cattle R12.38 / head
Sheep/Goats R2.41 / head
Pigs R13.41 head

Fee R1382.00 per

. . . C U R R E N T . . .

Cattle/Sheep/Goat 0.122% comm

Cattle/Calves R7.43 / head
Sheep/Goats R1.60 / head

. . . L E V Y   R A T E S . . .

Red meat and Pork 2.4c / kg

MEAT TRADERS R785 / annum


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