New SAPPO rates Nov17

We hereby confirm that the Statutory Levy on the slaughter and / export of live pigs will increase on 1 November 2017, as promulgated in Government Gazette No. 40154 of 22 July 2016.

The following functions are funded with the Pork Levy:
 Transformation in the developing sector;
 Consumer communication and education;
 Consumer assurance;
 Research and development;
 Industry information and liaison;
 Production Development;
 Administration cost

Levy tariffs as from 1 November 2017:
Pigs slaughtered: R11.03 per head (VAT excl.)
Pigs exported live: R11.03 per head (VAT excl.)

The following regulations apply:
 Levy return forms need to be submitted by the 14th day of the month following the month which the pigs were
slaughtered and / exported live;

 Levy payments should be made within 14 days after the end of the month in which the slaughter took place;

 The Statutory levy applies to ALL pigs slaughtered at the abattoir (this includes private slaughters) and live pigs

Future Escalations:
1 Nov 2018 – 31 Oct 2019: R11.58 / pig

New Levy Rates Nov17

Please be advised that the Statutory Levy will escalate on 1 November 2017 as stipulated in Government Gazette No. 38199 of 11 November 2014.

The following functions are funded with the Statutory Levy:
 Consumer assurance
 Consumer communication and education
 Transformation in the developing sector
 Red Meat research and development
 Industry and international liaison
 Production Development
 Compliance to legislation

The Levy rates as from 1 November 2017 will be as follows: (Excluding VAT)

 Between “Buyer” & “Seller”:
Cattle / Calves = R6.24 per head
Sheep / Goats = R1.34 per head

 Abattoirs:
Cattle / Calves = R10.40 per head
Sheep / Goats = R2.02 per head

 Meat Traders:
R659 per year during which the meat trader sells red meat, processed pork or red meat products.

 Importers:
R1160 per container or consignment of red meat and /red meat products to be imported.
These levies are payable to the levy administrator prior to the application of an import permit from
DAFF. The levy receipt number needs to be submitted with the import permit application.

Cattle / Calves = R10.40 per head
Sheep / Goats = R2.02 per head
Hides / Skins = 2,01c per kg

Meat Processors:
Red meat; Red meat products and processed Pork = 2,01c per kg

 Livestock Agents / Brokers:
0,102% of the total commission earned

 Tanneries:
Processed Hides / Skins = 2,01c per kg

 Animals not presented for slaughter (Feedlots):
Cattle / Calves = R6.24 per head
Sheep / Goats = R1.34 per head